As Built 3D Modeling & Scan To BIM

For existing structures, laser scanning is carried out and the point cloud is converted into as built information rich models through BIM Modeling.

For construction under progress, regular laser scanning is done at different stages of the project to ensure that the model is corrected with on-site progress in a stage-wise manner.

BIM For Facility Management


3DS are delivering major benefits for developers, facilities managers and building owners by linking BIM with facilities management.

A huge amount of data can be incorporated into a BIM model and integrated into facilities management software.

Some of this data includes but not limited to:

  • Space/Room information Room names, numbers, types and categories, department information
  • Equipment and manufacturing information
  • Other key descriptors/information required by facility management system

BIM Model Audit Services


After a thorough auditing, we will furnish you with a report on the BIM model whether it meets the industry level standards and where your model might need improvement.

Our services includes but not limited to:

  • BIM Documentation review and Compliance to BIM standards
  • Conformance to best industry recognized best practices of BIM implementation
  • BIM Quality compliance check & Model checking/auditing
  • Model integrity and accuracy verification against the design Intent
  • Review of LOD & LOI against scope & objective of design function
  • Check Model conformity with the generated 2D drawings

4D BIM Scheduling


The simulation and visualization of the construction process illustrates and renders easily accessible connections and conditions relevant to the construction of a building.

The simulation of construction processes thus forms the basis for the planning team to discuss alternative building designs or different sequences of processes. Our 4D services are includes but not limited to:

  • 4D construction site logistics
  • 4D scheduling & Phasing
  • 4D progress tracking & control

Clash Detection And Coordination Services


Our customized search set based clash detection system, reporting format, clash tracking system and accurate detection of clashes makes this as one of the most desired service at 3DS.