How does it work

3D Laser Scanning emits millions of laser lights and by timing their return, can accurately and precisely calculate their 3D locations, to produce multiple high-speed scans, brought together into one system.

It works by digitally capturing the dimensions and spatial relationships of objects using the reflection of a laser light.

Laser scanning is an asset that provides value throughout the planning, design and execution phase of any project.



  • Reliable
  • Reduced Production Risk
  • Complete Documentation of As-Built Conditions
  • Precise, High Speed Data Collection
  • Dimensionally Accurate, Measurable and Shareable Data Sets
  • Reduced Need for Site Revisits – Answers Unanticipated Questions
  • Safe Solution for Inaccessible or Hazardous Locations
  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving


Enriching all buildings
with spatial intelligence.

3DS in collaboration with NavVis technology give its customers an access to the most cutting-edge innovation in reality capture and visualization technology. The NavVis digital indoor platform is an end-to-end reality capture solution that benefits every industry operating in and around buildings, including construction, facility management, healthcare, retail, exhibitions, transportation and more

M6 Trolley


Slam based indoor Mobile mapping system. Maps complete buildings in hours with unmatched quality/cost ratio.

  • Photorealistic point clouds
  • 360o immersive imagery
  • Survey -grade point clouds with “SLAM Anchor” ground control points
  • Automatic Geo-referencing
  • Automated generation of floorplans and layouts

Indoor Viewer


Explore and interact with the virtual environment – integrate interactive features.

  • Browser based viewer to access and explore your building in 3D on any device
  • Interact with points of interest and connect them to real-world objects
  • Powerful API too integrate indoor viewer into your SAP, GEO MAP, Facility Management tools or any other existing infrastructure
  • Measure distance and Volumes
  • Scan to BIM integration

Indoor Navigation


Indoor navigation taken to the next level – meter accurate, view angle sensitive and without infrastructure.

  • First indoor navigation APK that does not require infrastructure
  • Meter-accurate with patented computer-based vision-based algorithm
  • Virtual reality interface for easy orientation
  • An ecosystem for 3rd party location-based services


As-Built Documentation


Accurate, measurable and sharable existing conditions data is invaluable in design, construction, renovation, prefabrication and facility modifications.

The highly accurate floor plans sections and elevations can be generated in a variety of formats and levels of detail, tailored to suit your specific requirements.

As-Built Validation Drawing


Superimposed point cloud data on as built AutoCAD drawings with high precision obtained by the geolocation at site.

Validation of MEP services by identifying the exact as-built diameter of piping and length of any given services.

Scan To BIM


Point cloud data is used to develop intelligent BIM models, giving A/E/C professionals the ability to effectively plan, design, construct and manage projects.

Point cloud data and highly accurate 3D models can be delivered for structure and space to aid in design, planning and development of renovations.

Virtual Construction Documentation


Point cloud based as-built drawings and 3D models can improve design by analyzing clashes between newly designed elements and existing conditions or by evaluating alternative designs prior to construction.

Complete documentation of existing building and MEP features can be achieved with laser precision, expediting timelines and reducing change orders and costs.


Oil & Gas


Refineries, process areas and distribution facilities can be documented, including structural and MEP features; equipment and piping down to ½ inch diameter.

The process begins with laser scanning the existing site, creating as-built documentation and then working with the client through the design process and finally clash checking design against as built in a virtual environment.


Historical Documentation


Creating accurate as-built models or drawings of historical buildings, architecture and objects is a quick non-invasive process with 3D laser scanning. The precise data collected can provide information on support analysis, design, and prefabrication.


Urban Planning


Urban planning data of large and inaccessible areas can be easily captured with high precision in a timely and efficient manner.

3D Video Gaming & 3D Projection Mapping


Creating realistic and more engaging video games is easier with the use of 3D laser scan technology. Laser scanning can take real world objects and spaces to create dimensionally accurate computer version.

Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering is the most efficient and effective way to generate a faithful digital equivalent of the scanned element.



Fast and accurate preservation of critical evidence, all relevant details in any subsequent reconstruction of the scene are covered.